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Equipment and Services

Proposed equipment:

  • Air compressor AIRMAN PDS390S-5B1, 11m3/min (JAPAN)
  • Stationary light masts TF-5.5 LED 800 Вт (ITALY)
  • Light masts GENERAC STRONG GMB22P with DGU 16kW (ITALY)
  • Light masts Atlas Copco V4 (6кВт)
  • Light masts Atlas Copco V5+
  • Atlas Copco QIP R6 Diesel Generating Unit (4.3kW)
  • Diesel Generator Unit Visa Onis F80GX (68kW)
  • Diesel Generator Unit Visa Onis F120GX (96kW)
  • Diesel Generator Unit Visa Onis F350GX (280kW)
  • Diesel Generator Unit Visa Onis F80GX, F120GX, F350GX (ITALY)
  • Diesel Generator Unit Visa Green Power GP385 (ITALY)
  • Snow-removal machines, lawn mowers
  • Snow-removal machines, lawn mowers

Lease of transport

  • Tractors, Lowboy trailer, Low loaders, Crane, Excavator-loader, Mini loader, Autohydraulic manlift, Toyota Hilux, shuttle buses.


  • Parking for vehicles on the territory of KOGCF, with an area of 2 hectares

Our innovations

  • Following the policy of the operator of the Karachaganak field, the KPO b.v. Company on fire and explosion safety of portable equipment, “Global Trade and Services” LLP has developed and implemented a new type of lighting. The concept of the lighting system offered by our company is that the source of power (generator) is at a remote safe distance both from the well and from the equipment of the Client, then stationary light masts are distributed around the facility, thereby minimizing the risks of ignition and saving the Customer’s expenses for fuel.
  • The system 1-n generator completed with stationary light masts has established itself as a reliable and safe alternative to lighting at hazardous production facilities of KPO b.v. Company. Risks of ignition, fuel economy, reduction of emissions of exhaust gases to the environment, saving the Customer’s funds; does not create a harmful effect of noises on the hearing organs.

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